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Assessing ROI for Digital IP Management

What kind of a return can you expect when you move to a ‘less-paper’ environment?

This webinar digs into examples of what other IP teams experience.    Hear from seasoned business process consultants on how digital IP management systems deliver positive ROI, result in increased efficiency, higher quality patents, and a more flexible and positive working environment.

Finally, we explore a proven ROI model based on actual customer examples.  This model looks at where to expect greater returns and how you can realize them at your organization.

This webinar will let you gain insight into:

  • Where other IP organizations have found significant ROI by going paperless
  • Real world examples of the actual savings – how much savings you might expect
  • How to develop your own ROI model – where to start

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A Tested Framework for Digital IP: How to Source, Select and Implement Digital IP Systems

This webinar discusses how to select the best digital IP solution for your needs.  Analyst Ralph Schroeder of Hyperion Research outlines a clear set of guiding principles and critical success factors based on the firm’s work with hundreds of global corporate and law firm clients. Pat Casey, IS analyst at Amgen, offers a perspective on best practices and lessons learned during the selection process.

Key topics include:

1. Guiding principles for design, implementation and management of systems

2. Critical success factors for vendor selection including key action items

3. Success stories based on real world ROI and productivity gain

4. How to make the best decision today, based on your context

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