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I find that in today’s business world I am carrying out more business when traveling and not in my office, whether by email or on the mobile phone – the use of the iPad app makes my life so much easier. Having all my files at my fingertips is so invaluable.

-- Karen Cawdell, VP General Counsel, Patents, Reckitt Benckiser

“Allergan is collaboratively working with First To File to implement Agent Access Portal and Workflow Management Module to fit our global patent practice. We expect the new additions will help increase our patent prosecution efficiency and allow us to gain more visibility into our patent docket, resulting in greater control and reduced costs.”
-- Debra Condino, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Allergan.

“Streamlined efficiency is particularly important to Fluidigm’s patent prosecution effort. As a relatively small team responsible for this mission-critical function within Fluidigm, we must effectively protect our intellectual property and ensure that Fluidigm’s innovation in critical areas, such as single-cell analysis, support our leadership position. First To File’s EFR provides Fluidigm with the paperless automation we need to reduce costs and to leverage the full value of our patent portfolio.”
-- Steven Collier, Senior Director of Intellectual Property, Fluidigm

“First To File’s new reference library functionality is incredibly useful, especially as the stakes are so high for the proper disclosure of prior art references,” “For many organizations, prior art management is a very manual and error-prone function. First To File saves patent teams time and helps to ensure that all references are properly brought to the attention of the Patent Office.”
-- Stephen Nesbitt, Chief Patent Counsel, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

“I increasingly find myself using my iPhone as a mobile office to manage emails, voice communications, IMs and video. With the First To File iPhone app, I can now refer to my case files as well, anywhere and at any time.”
-- T.G.P Reijns, Senior Patent Attorney, Unilever

“In a multi-office environment, paper files are not a viable option because they are unreliable, inefficient and unsustainable. Also, email is not an effective way of communicating and managing workflow. To address these issues, we chose First To File’s Electronic File Room because it is specifically configured for our needs.”
– Butch Carroll, Attorney, Womble Carlyle